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Dog Behavior Consultation

Take a moment and consider how incredibly fulfilling it is to love, care for and tend to your pup. Now, consider the way in which you are doing these loving acts. Are these well intended expressions fulfilling your dogs needs or yours? That’s a tough one to think about…Most unwanted dog behavioral issues stem from humans lack of understanding animal behavior and a dogs needs. Although we don’t like to SAY it, our beloved pups are animals and all of the domesticating in the world will not remove inherited characteristics of the species. Your dog is an animal first, then a dog, then a breed and then, lastly, the name in which you so lovingly choose for him. Recognizing and honoring your dog for all that he is will be the greatest act and expression of love that you can give him. In just one session you will have a greater understanding of how your dog sees you and the world around him. With this insight you will learn to project that inner quality that positions you for success as the loving (by his definition) leader that your dog so desperately needs. Then, watch with pride as your dogs unwanted behaviors fade and his trust in you emerges.

Small Dog Park 101

Think about the times of your life when you feel safe and loved… times when you’re uninhibited and free of judgement… in a healthy and natural state of mind, body and spirit… balanced. We long to be in this state. We are designed to be in this state, as are our dogs. In recognizing the needs of your beloved pup you will find that playtime, migration and exploration with their own kind, stimulates, challenges and exhausts physical and psychological energy which results in a balanced dog. Providing this social time for your dog, however, requires an understanding of dog and people behaviors in social settings and a few tips on social etiquette. This course is designed to provide you with the tools you need to confidently lead your dog in and out of social greetings and exchanges with other dogs and people while in an off-leash setting. There are two scheduled meetings in this course. First session is 90 minutes at WDC. Second session is 90 minutes at a local dog park.

Lead & They Will Follow