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    • a quiet or secluded place in

    which one can rest and relax

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    and uninhibitedly

  • restore

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    • to bring back to a natural

    state of health and soundness



cage-free, home style boarding for small dogs (35 lbs or less)



Unlike any other dog boarding facility in the San Gabriel Valley, Wee Dog Club was designed entirely for the fulfillment of smaller dog breeds and their owners. Our home style, cage-free setting and the rhythm of our daily routine is conducive to the natural beat of a dog. This allows our guests to acclimate quickly into the environment and ultimately alleviates unnecessary stress experienced in other dog boarding places.

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We are experienced in the art of nurturing harmonious relationships with our K9 friends. It is our practice, as professional animal loving humans, to recognize and honor your dogs' needs while taking into account your lifestyle and relationship. This is a company culture that, over the years, has established trusting and loyal relationships with our clients and other pet care providers in the community.

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A New Generation of Pets - A New Breed of Pet Care

Kelley is personable, very responsible and has a sunny disposition. Our furry companions think so too. For example, the other day I was at the dog park with Mocca, my Chihuahua girl, and when I turned around she had disappeared! This was very unlike her, since she never leaves my side there. I soon found out that she must have heard Kelley’s voice, because she was on the other side of the park by the gate, greeting her, barking, jumping and wagging her little tail. Even Median – our black stray cat, whom we rescued a few years ago (from, yes, a median with huge semis roaring by on both sides) but who is still very shy and anxious – let Kelley pick her up by the second day of house sitting. I have recommended Kelley to some friends that were looking for a kind and reliable pet sitter and will continue to do so. We can’t imagine a better petsitter than Kelley. -Nena
Just a little note to let you know how much I love having you as Kasha’s best friend. It means so much to me to know that she is in such good hands when she’s with you. It is fun to see her so excited and happy to have you arrive and now, there’s the added pleasure of a car full of dogs to go off to the dog park. I am, as you know by now, tentative and a little fearful about all that could happen to my little girl. For years, through 4 dogs, 3 of them huskies, I have worried and held them back from any potential risks. Though I still cross my fingers, it just seems right and best for Kasha to have the broadening experience that you can provide. It would be very hard for me to be raising this puppy if it were not for you. So I go to bed at night grateful that you are part of our lives. I bet Kasha does too!! Gratefully, Jolly
My husband and I have four pets living with us – two dogs and two cats – and Kelley Mueller is the best pet sitter we’ve ever had. Since my parents live in Europe we usually travel there every summer, so we’ve tried quite a few petsitting solutions. This summer we took an 11-day trip to the northwest and, for the first time, left our animals alone in the house, trusting Kelley to stop in twice a day and take care of them (including feeding, giving medications and walking.) When we returned, Kelley had not only left a day-by-day account of all the activities and incidents that happened in our absence, but had left us great photos of all our pets! And Tanya, our 14-year-old Dalmatian, was in as good of shape as when we left her, greeting us with a happy tail and no coughing or arthritis showing, proof that all her meds had been given to her conscientiously.
Two Dogs and Two Cats
Two Dogs and Two Cats
To Whom It May Concern, We the undersigned, Luna and Harvey Brooks-Russell, want you to know that Kelley Mueller is on our very short list of favorite people on the planet. She is the best babysitter we’ve ever had and we think any dog would be lucky to have Kelley taking care of them if their regular people are too busy. She is the best belly rubber, ball thrower, dog park buddy we have ever had and we are crazy about her. So are all the other dogs at the dog park because even if she didn’t bring you with her she loves you up anyway. Our mom says she’s the Pied Piper of the Dog Park and we love being part of her pack! We know you will, too! Sincerely, Luna & Harvey Brooks-Russell
Luna & Harvey Brooks-Russell
Luna & Harvey Brooks-Russell
Our first weekend away Kelley came to our home to walk and feed Stanley, she left notes on how it went.  The notes were cheerful and witty accounts of her encounter with Stanley (and a few of our other housepets).  The notes included how well Stanley ate, played, what time he went to bed and if he went to the bathroom or not.  They were very complete with great useful information making it seem as though we had never left.  She gave him the love we would have had we stayed home all along.  Stanley was happy to see us upon our arrival but the next time he saw Kelley he greeted her with kisses and a wagging tail like she was a part of our family. We hired Kelley later on for a week when our family went on vacation.  The invoice clearly stated what it was we wanted her to do; payment was an easy submittal in advance.  Again upon our return we had notes outlining the daily routine and how the week went.  Stanley was happy to see us but also happy to stay at home in his comfort zone. There is no doubt Stanley is well-cared for in Kelley’s hands.  He loves her up every time she comes to care for him or pay a visit.  That is the best evidence she does a great job! -Katherine Kandalaft and Family
Katherine Kandalaft and Family
Katherine Kandalaft and Family
Kelley, thank you so much for taking such good care of Bella, not to mention little RG, while I was away. I came home on Wednesday evening after a stressful day (cancelled flight, missed connections, etc.) to find everything peaceful and in order at home. Of course, my canine companion was delighted to see me but I knew she had been well taken care of in my absence. You have an innate quality that allows you to connect with animals and establish trust–just see how Bella looks for you at the park and runs to you when you are there. She has made you part of her extended family, and I am grateful. -Georgia Jallo
Georgia Jallo
Georgia Jallo
My friend introduced me to Kelley from Generation Pet while at the Pasadena dog park. Kelley and I exchanged numbers and when she came over to initially meet my canine pal who needed a mid-day potty break, I knew I was fortunate to have found such a personable and professional dog walker. Kelley exudes caring, consistency and is very accommodating. When you meet her you can sense that she is not only an animal lover, but also a people person. My dog Winnie loves Kelly and I can tell Kelley loves Winnie as I happened to be home one day during the walk time and before she put on the collar and leash she fussed with my pup, talking to her and playing with her toy. I appreciate the fact that Kelley will be there when she says she will be. She leaves a quick, personalized Post-it note that tells me the time and the mood of the day’s walk. This is a small detail that speaks volumes about the quality and ethic of her work. I feel privileged to be a Generation Pet client, and wholeheartedly recommend their services. -Susan
Generation Pet Small Dog Cage Free BoardingGeneration Pet Small Dog Cage Free BoardingGeneration Pet Small Dog Cage Free Boarding

Our goal is to provide individualized pet care that supports the overall health and well-being of your family pet.